Quickly Resolving “no url found for submodule path” Problems

“No url found for submodule path” errors can be tricky to track down; if you think you have all your submodules set up correctly. I ran into this very issue today! I cloned one of my team’s repositories and could not then pull the submodules due to this error. After some searching, I was able... » read more

4 Must-Have C++17 Features for Embedded Developers

C++17 is a version of the C++ programming language that was standardized in 2017, and adds additonal new features and improvements to what is considered “modern C++”. Some major new features that I have really loved in C++17 include: In embedded systems, support for C++17 will depend on the compiler and platform you are using.... » read more

Optimizing Boot Time on an iMX6ULL Processor

I recently had the opportunity, or the critical need rather, to optimize the boot time of some applications on an iMX6ULL processor. For anyone unfamiliar with this processor, it is a single core ARM processor running a Cortex-A7 core at up to 900 MHz. It provides a number of common interfaces for a microprocessor, including... » read more

Quick Tip: Generating Kernel Configuration Fragments with Bitbake

Generating a kernel configuration fragment is a common task in kernel development when working with the Yocto Project. Configuration fragments are extremely useful to define groups of kernel configuration options that you can then reuse between projects simply by adding the fragment to your kernel bbappend file. For example, if I wanted to enable USB... » read more

10 Easy Commands You Can Learn To Improve Your Git Workflow Today

If you’re a developer, coder, or software engineer and have not been hiding under a rock, then you’re probably familiar with Git. Git is a distributed version control system that helps developers track changes to their code and collaborate with others. While Git can be a bit complex (especially if used improperly), there are some... » read more